Sit or Squat? – The Digitized Bathroom Experience App

07 Dec

I came across an app similar to GASBUDDY called “Sit or Squat.”  That’s right.  You heard me.  Now finding a bathroom, potty, abode, or whatever you call it can happen in the palm of your hand.  And you can help your fellow citizen by even identifying, rating, and naming public bathrooms you have expereienced.  Talk about social networking.  According to their website they have 114995 toilets logged.

Where has this been our whole lives!  Especially in Manhattan.

The app and subsequent website are a partnership with Proctor and Gamble specifically created to help to connect with their Charmin customers.   Not a bad concept except for one thing – when was the last time you had Charmin in a public rest room?

I suggest you check it out.  Availble on iPhone.

Their website is and they are also in the itunes store.

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One response to “Sit or Squat? – The Digitized Bathroom Experience App

  1. Michael Schunk

    December 7, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    I love the ones in Paris that totally wash the entire enclosure after you leave. What if the door failed to open? What about the Charmin!

    Sit, Squat, Run! My next film. See it in a small room at your nearest theater.

    Frank, your posting answered a question that’s been on my mind for a long time. Where in the world did the name “Adobe” come from. I mean seriously.

    I think they just moved the “b” and the “d” around in Abode


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