BASIS Wearable Carbon Steel

20 Jan

Time magazine reviewed the wearable market and ranked the BASIS ­­­­­3 out of 24.  Basis Carbon Steel Edition leadWith a crowded market, that’s not too bad.  Basis Science, the creators of the BASIS band, showed their newest wristband at CES 2014. Back in 2012, they had one of the earliest “lifestyle wearables” (the B1), which for me, having been a recent convert to using a Heart Rate monitor at the gym, made me take notice.  And I’ve been watching these guys for a while since I first saw them in 2012.

The Basis slogan, “Find the Super human in you” continues.  Like its predecessor, the new “Carbon Steel” BASIS band still captures heart rate with an optical sensor; movement with a 3-axis accelerometer; galvanic skin response sensors measuring sweat levels enhancing analysis of your movement activities.  With these analytics, BASIS develops a picture of the user and your activities through the day, and night.

Basis Medium LogoThe release of the Carbon Steel model gives an even more in dept review of your sleep health.  From their recent release on their web site:

“Leveraging our Body IQ™ technology, Basis is the only health tracker that comprehensively captures every aspect of your sleep: REM Sleep, Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, Toss-and-Turn, Interruptions and Duration. To help you understand and improve your sleep quality, Basis provides a personalized sleep dashboard with a summary of these metrics, an easy-to-understand Sleep Score, your benchmark for sleep quality, and rolling averages for key metrics so you see your progress over time. “Sleep Picture

This is what’s setting them apart from the other wearables.  Most of the others are only tracking using 3-axis accelerometers.

The real magic happens when interacting with the web applications.  BASIS works with you to develop goals and accomplish those goals.  Unlike my Polar product which allows me to simply view and make my own conclusions, BASIS takes the analytics a step further.  To quote their website, “Unlock your full potential through the power of habit.”  BASIS keeps you honest, tracking you and letting you know if you are ahead, behind, or right on track to meet your goals.

The 2014 Carbon Steel model releases Feb 2, 2014 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon for $199.  But keep in mind the older model B1 is also available on Amazon for $179.

I’ve found some great links with more information about the wearable:

New Basis 2014 – you Tube

EndGadget Article – hands on

EndGadget Article – New Basis band announced


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