About Frank Albano

What I Do:

I help companies translate business needs into workable solutions – specifically in their operations groups.  I’m a work flow expert where I listen, ask questions, then implement plans which move the organization toward lean, efficient operations.  My industry is Entertainment, specifically: Cable Television Operations, Production Operations, and Media Distribution Operations.  In this capacity I’ve lead teams of 60-80 employees on fast-track cable channel and broadcast channel launches; managed large cable channel media production operations groups with budgets of $8 million annually; and managed large multichannel distribution facilities servicing broadcast TV channels and providing live sports integration of local MLB, NBA, and Collegiate sporting events.

I am uniquely experienced at managing and executing in high-pressure and mission critical environments.  Working within the Entertainment Industry I’ve been successful at bringing together the creative stakeholders and the technical operations teams to develop leaner production processes.

What My Company Does:

My consulting firm, F. Louis Consulting,  helps organizations who are looking at expanding their operations and need guidance on planning for people, process, and hardware.  This includes help with planning new business services, analyzing current processes and advising on how to make changes to support new growth and direction of the organizations.  I also support TV productions as a technical advisor helping them with the pre-production and production phase of creating a Television program.

What I Have Done in the Past:

In the past I’ve lead operations at Comcast Entertainment Group: E!, Style and G4 cable channels.  In this capacity I helped advance their media and operations strategy.  Additionally, I was responsible for orchestrating the implementation of enterprise-wide technical initiatives supporting the business transformations each channel was experiencing due to the emergence of non-traditional distribution options for content.

Prior to Comcast, I ran USA Broadcasting’s multi-channel distribution facility, launching 5 call-letter-stations across the US.  We also integrated over 1500 live sporting events from MLB, NBA and Collegiate football leagues. I started in the business running a television facilities company servicing thousands of TV producers with production equipment, crew, and technical support.

Current Assignment

I’m currently working with National TeleConsultants in the Media and Entertainment space.

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